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Sunday July 19, 2020

Hello Friends and Neighbors.

The Las Brisas Repair and Maintenance journey is now beginning. The information regarding this project will be forwarded to you by email blast as well as notices placed on your doors. We realize that many of you are not at Las Brisas personally, therefore, we are requesting that whomever you have watching your home should please notify you regarding any information placed directly on your door. We will also add this information to our website.

We will be starting with the North Building, however all homeowners will be receiving information regarding that building so that we can all be prepared for the work being done on the West and South buildings as things progress. The information you receive now, will be for the North building only.It is important to read all of this carefully so we are all prepared as we move forward. One example would be the removal of everything from your balconies. This would mean that all items will need to be placed elsewhere for at least 5 months and perhaps as long as 8 months. Since work is starting on the North building on August 17th, we recommend that homeowners in that building begin to look into removing items sooner rather than later.

We anticipate more timeline updates for the West and South buildings as work progresses with the North building. Attached you will find the “door hanger” information that homeowners of the North building received yesterday. It is very informative.

Again, if you have any questions please let us know. This is definitely a community effort that will require the patience and cooperation of everyone. We are keeping our “Eyes on the Prize” as we move forward.

Our thanks,

Your Las Brisas HOA Board of Directors

RAYCO Las Brisas NORTH - Precon. Notice (002)